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Mold And Mildew Removal

Mold and mildrew are fungi, made up of spores (seeds) that grow both inside and outside the home on food, plants, leaves etc. They are tiny, can travel easily, and are spread by wind outside and air inside. When they land on a damp surface they can multiply quickly.

We can be exposed to them every day by touching, eating and breathing them.

Even though they often can't be seen or smelt, they can be a nasty health hazard, best dealt with by experts like Flood SOS.

Protect your possesions, protect your health

Mold grow with the right kind of temperature, moisture, and a food supply e.g. clothing, wood, paper, carpets. Inside the home, it can grow on leaky roofs, in damp basements, even on wet clothes left to dry. Once this has happened, it may not just ruin your possessions, but also cause a range of allergic syptoms, including watery eyes, wheezing, difficulty breathing, headaches, tiredness and skin irritations.

Mildew (a thin, blueish-green growth) also flourishes in damp areas (such as bathroom tiles, shower curtains, closets, basements and in fact any space which is warm, damp and where air is not circulating). It can grow in any climate, in any season, and then you have a problem on your hands.

Call an expert - don't delay

If the mold/mildew area is small and well-defined you can probably clean it up yourself. But if it has grown under your floors and inside your walls, call Flood SOS straightaway! We are experienced and efficient in dealing with this kind of problem.

We guarantee to rid your home of all spores quickly because we are specialists in mold and mildrew removal. We know exactly what kind of chemicals to use to keep your home free of fungi, as well as taking steps to make sure it does not reappear.

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